Manufacturing Prosthesis

Most research and development in dentistry has led to the use of these high performance plastics years ago. IIDR has developed innovative ways of providing patients with the best possible treatment from the very beginning, whilst simultaneously offering them successoriented, efficient and capable solutions for their prosthesis.

These materials show that there is no longer any reason to merely resort to the traditional materials such as metal, ceramic or zircon for the indications cited. These are plastics that offer benefits in the filed of aesthetics, processing, durability and patient acceptance. They offer a win - win situation for both parties in a relationship based on partnership between patients and their care team.

At IIDR, you will find solutions for various materials grouped as metal free high performance polymers such as Royal.HIPC, which has strength of about 120 MPa. For a long-term dental prosthesis - HIPC has already been tested in vivo and approved for expected life of over 9 years and is clinically-proven and safe to use.Royal.HIPC is plaque-resistant with excellent gingiva compatibility and resistant to discolourations and thus lead to a higher level of patient acceptance. As a high-performance polymer, HIPC does not lose its strength in comparison with ceramic, as ceramic “ages”. Material reliability and long-term stability of Royal.HIPC leads to fewer complaints and repairs. The material has higher aesthetics, translucent and opalescent properties. Complicated cases with a lack of space can be neatly resolved with HIPC. According to DIN EN ISO 10477 elasticity is ≥ 2200 MPa. Flexural strength ≥ 120 MPa. It can be used for permanent prosthesis.

Royal.BioPEEK is the new reference for a permanent dental prosthesis. It is monomer-free with no allergic reactions or discolourations of the gingiva known to date. It is light/similar to bone and is a biocompatible material which integrates in the jaw. There is no galvanic effect and no oxidation or metal taste. It can reduce compression and torsion caused by chewing and can partly compensate for this. This results in a periodontal effect and an increase in wearing comfort. The heat conduction properties are similar to natural teeth and feels comfortable when worn with no difference in perception with regards to warm/cold meals. Flexural strength ≥ 180 MPa. Homogeneous, gap-free material bond of titanium implant and Royal.BioPEEK is regarded as the the best mechanical and biological properties. There is no ageing/ fatigue of adhesive bond due to lack of adhesive/adhesive gap. It is most suitable for immediate loading. Immediate definitive restoration, no trauma to gingival tissue, shorter regeneration phase with gingival management with Royal.BioPeek. The OFF-PEAK property of Royal.BioPEEK significantly absorbs chewing forces when compared to titanium, zirconium or ceramic. The forces acting on healing bone is in contrast to previous materials remained in its natural context, so that will help curtail resorption and osseointegration can be initiated - the optimal basis for the long-term bone preservation.

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Produces safe, biocompatible, aesthetic temporary protheses that are required to be replaced by a higher performance polymer due to wear and tear.

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Increase the wearing time of the temporary resin prothesis and can be used as an intermittent prosthesis. They offer even more polished aesthetics.

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It is a universal genius. They offer the most elegant, and varied solutions for a number of indications and can be used as a permanent prosthesis with an approved life span of 9+ years.

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The most physiologic properties of this frame work material are only surpassed by nature itself. It is as elastic, light and thermal conductivity as that of bone by making the patient’s feel at ease.

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Class 1 photopolymers biocompatible resins which are built from additive laser process to delivery surgical guides, and splits which can be fitted as a framework or temporary supports.


Flowable polymer which attached to the surfaces of the implant, natural teeth & high performance polymers thereby creating a single unit for a more durable, success- oriented, & efficient dental prosthetic solutions.

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