10+ years of incorporation in research and development for revolutionising surgical techniques and processes, have made us IIDR an international reference.

Dr. Arun Chamria, founder of IIDR is one of the first dental surgeons to have light cure equipment in 1983 for cosmetic dentistry. He was Congratulated and Chosen for expertise in Implant community for paper presentation at World Congress on Oral Implantology (Highest platform in the World) on How to re-treat failed immediate load implants (‘Same day Fixed Teeth with dental Implants”) at Honolulu Hawaii, U.S.A. in 2004. Dental Implants have been the most passionate segment of research for IIDR. Titanium implants like Bi-cortical Endosteal, Zygomatic and Maxillofacial Implants have been our bread and butter ever since, and our latest revolution has now been in developing PEEK (Polyether ether ketone) based implants.

With regards to dental prosthesis, the research carried out by IIDR in the past few years has helped to develop greater results for various prosthesis materials. For dental prosthesis, world’s latest and most advanced technology has been leveraged for making crown and bridges for long term dental prosthesis such as in house CAD-CAM technology and 3D printing. Thus at IIDR, each day goes by in more research and developmental work and that is how we are able to innovate solutions in dentistry.

Royal Dental Clinics, an established company in the Dental Industry is also an affiliate of IIDR. IIDR revolutionises surgical techniques, to allow the doctors to put all the fixed teeth in a single day. The concept is currently developed and practiced under RDC Protocols only. IIDR believes in imparting not just customised, but personalised services of extreme quality to all patients. They are committed to making patient visit pleasant, as they serve consistently to exceed patients expectations.

IIDR is a diverse wing which involves in creating a scientific workplace and supports educational activities and imparts training to aid in development of next generation of doctors.


Foundation of 'International Institute Of Dental Research'  

Supported Research & Development for Implant Manufacturing and Prosthesis Development

Use of shock absorbing materials to better fix artificial teeth.

In-House Maxillofacial CBCT and Full mouth Dental X-rays Revolution in dentistry using digital CAD-CAM in-house Use of Advanced Virtual Surgical Maxillofacial Planning and Printing for advanced and challenging case.

Radical shift from Metal containing Zirconia prosthesis to Body friendly, Biocompatible Composite Polymers and 3D printing for advanced and challenging cases.

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